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You have difficulty with the source code?





Did you try with flowcharts?




Just copy and paste your source code and Codecgraf transforms it into a flowchart.

If you have the source code and got an error on the structures, Codecgraf generates the flow chart and shows you the error. Fabulous. Right?



What is Codecgraf?

Codecgraf is software exclusively for programmers or aspiring to be. Being based on flowcharts, those starting out in programming can learn how to encode the different structures and those who already have experience can leverage Codecgraf ability to read and convert source code to flowchart, which saves a lot detecting time when coding errors, always referred to the opening and closing of the structures.


How was born?

A few years ago made ​​his appearance "Codigraf." Launched as a totally innovative project, unique in its category, despite being poorly developed, was crowned with thousands of downloads, which marked a major thirst for the world of this type of programming tools

Today makes his comeback as Codecgraf, improving all the encoding process and a new and important quality, which is nothing more and nothing less than to read source code and transform it into flowchart, along with an arsenal of tools. It's worth noting that after all these years there is still no other software that matches in its characteristics.


How can we help?

For that you can use this great tool, it created a completely free version in which you can draw flowcharts, encode and capture source code without limitations. Not have to pay anything to have it. You should only download it free by clicking the link below.




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